Candice Davis - Owner / Operator

Candice Davis

Owner / Operator
Phone: 801-839-3999
Candice is one of the most passionate people that you'll ever meet. She prides herself in being a mom first, and business owner second. Candice started Addictive Behavior Motor Works with the idea that she could have a large scale dealership, while still maintaining a small town, family owned feel. When she's not in the office, you'll find Candice in Lake Powell on her boat with her family!


April Summers - Finance / Operations

April Summers

Finance / Operations
Phone: 801-839-3999 EXT: 103
April is a total math wiz. She has a deep love for motorcycles. More than motorcycles though, she loves her two boys. They are her whole world. April came on to our team 3 years ago, and has been a huge asset, and a big part of our success. She genuinely cares about all people, and absolutely loves the motorcycle community!
Kaitlin VanKomen - Office Assistant

Kaitlin VanKomen

Office Assistant
Kaitlin is new to the biker scene. She loves lifted Jeep's and Trucks! Kaitlin is currently in school studying to become a radiologist. When she's not at work, Kaitlin loves spending time with her boyfriend (Cody Davis) and their two dogs Bulleit and Stella.


Taylor Clark - Marketing / Promotions Coordinator

Taylor Clark

Marketing / Promotions Coordinator
Phone: 801-558-0078
Kristopherson Sloan - Photographer

Kristopherson Sloan

Phone: 801-839-3999 EXT: 107
Kristopherson is our skilled photographer. He's the one that makes all of us look not so greasy and grubby in our pictures. In addition to photography, Kristopherson is also a talented hair stylist. In his free time, he loves to rock climb, ride bikes, and build some of the coolest custom guns that you'll ever see.


Daryl Radford - Sales Manager

Daryl Radford

Sales Manager
Phone: 801-651-2624
Daryl (Or Dirty uncle D as we like to call him) has been with Candice since pretty much the beginning. He came across our shop while he was out shopping for a bike, and he just never left after that. Daryl has over 20 years of sales experience, and more knowledge about bikes than any of us could ever hope to have. In his free time, Daryl enjoys spending time in his garage working on his own project bikes. You know the saying of "No man can ever have too many bikes." Well Daryl is a full embodiment of that saying. At any given time, he always has somewhere between 12 to 15 bikes parked in his garage.
Taylor Clark - Sales Associate

Taylor Clark

Sales Associate
Phone: 801-558-0078


Reuben White - Service Manager

Reuben White

Service Manager
Phone: 801-839-3999 EXT: 104
Reuben is the man. He's the one who keeps our service department flowing to make sure that we keep your bikes out on the road. Reuben has a lifetime of mechanical experience. He rebuilt his first engine when he was just a kid. On top of that, Reuben is the most detail oriented person that you'll ever meet. He is very thorough in everything that he does. When he's not at work, you'll usually always catch Reuben helping a friend or family member to get their car back on the road. Reuben is just that kind of person, he is always putting everyone else before himself.
Brock Fullmer - Service Writer

Brock Fullmer

Service Writer
Phone: 801-839-3999 EXT: 102
Brock is our resident "Class Clown". He's also Candice's son. Brock's been running around the shop and raising hell since day 1. He is the life of the party around here, he never fails to say or do something that makes all of us take a double glance at him. When he's not at work, Brock is either jammin hard as a DJ, or having lazy days with his girlfriend and their two dogs Lizzy and Grizzly.
Cody Davis - Shop Foreman

Cody Davis

Shop Foreman
Phone: 801-839-3999
Where do we even start with Cody. If it wasn't for this guy, we wouldn't be the shop that we are. Cody is a jack of all trades. He wrenches, welds, fabricates, and even does a little wood working on the side. Cody is Candice's son. When Candice first got into this business, Cody was the first person that she hired. At 16 years old Cody was learning the in's and out's of Big Dog's. He was tearing them down to the bone, and building them back up to their former glory. On his day's off, Cody is always doing something fun! Whether it be snowmobiling, dirbiking, building custom Trucks and Jeeps, or down in Lake Powell with his family and girlfriend (Kaitlin VanKomen). Cody is the backbone of our shop, and we wouldn't have it any other way.
Ric Lopez - Lead Technician

Ric Lopez

Lead Technician
Phone: 801-839-3999
Ric is the old man. He likes to act like he's cranky and stubborn, but deep down he's one of the best people you'll ever meet. Ric is a mechanic true and through. We're pretty sure that oil runs through his veins. Ric has over 30 year experience of turning a wrench on Harley's. When it comes to American made, he's the guy that you working on your bike. At home Ric is a dad to 8 and granddad to 10. He and his wife Mitzi are two of the most caring people you'll ever meet.
Alexi Archibald - Service Technician / Tow Truck Operator

Alexi Archibald

Service Technician / Tow Truck Operator
Phone: 801-839-3999
Alexi (Pronounced "Alex - e." He hates when you get his name wrong) is the guy you'll meet when you need your bike picked up. Rain or shine he'll be there to get you off the side of the road. Alexi is Candice's son. He's been working at the shop since he was 15. He started like most of us do, by wiping down bikes. The day he turned 16, Candice handed him the keys to the Tow Truck and said "This is your truck now." On his days off, Alexi always makes time to spend with his grandma. He's a real softy at heart. He likes people to think he's big and bad, but he's lover not a fighter.
Nate Larson - Service Technician

Nate Larson

Service Technician
Phone: 801-839-3999
Nate is our resident Rasta man. He rocks the dreads, the lowered 2-door truck, and the green, yellow and red beanie. Nate specializes in sport bikes. Whether you just need an oil change or you want to go all out with an extended swing arm and drag it at the track, Nate is the guy to build it. He's a mechanic by day, and a DJ at night. He also dabbles in helping up and coming artists to record and produce their music.
Carlyn Liddell - Service Technician

Carlyn Liddell

Service Technician
Phone: 801-839-3999
Carlyn is a quiet guy and usually keeps to himself. Don't be fooled by him though. He's a genius with a wrench. Carlyn started his career as a small motor's mechanic. After a couple years of doing that, he decided he wanted to work on something with a little more horse power. Since joining us, Carlyn has become an essential member of our team. During Hockey season, he takes every chance he can get to go and watch the games. He is an avid Hockey fan, he knows almost everything there is to know about the sport.
Kevin Little - Lot Tech / Detail

Kevin Little

Lot Tech / Detail
Kevin is a total success story. When he first walked though our front doors he was homeless and without a dollar to his name. With as bad of a situation he was in, he was determined to get out of it and write a new future for himself. Since Kevin has been with us, he now has an apartment, a motorcycle, and a whole new life.


Isaias Bravo - Parts

Isaias Bravo

Phone: 801-839-3999 EXT: 101
Isaias is the newest edition to our team. Brock and Isaias have been friends since they were 9 years old. Since Brock was always on the smaller side, Isaias was his protector growing up. So it was only fitting to have him come and work with us. In the short time Isaias has been with us, he has proved himself to be a valuable asset. When he's not working, Isaias plays bass in a band.